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LIBRARY Mission Statement

The mission of the District 129 Libraries is to support the development of information literacy skills and independent reading habits through collaborative partnerships, flexible learning spaces and equitable access to diverse, inclusive resources that encourage students and staff to embrace the curiosity, complexity, and joy of learning.

CAUDILL 2023 Covers!

Check out the 2023 Rebecca Caudill nominees in the slideshow below!

Amari and the Night Brothers
When Stars Are Scattered
Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish
Thousand Questions
Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez
This is Your Brain on Stereotypes
Only Black Girls in Town
Scritch Scratch
Katie the Catsitter
High Five for Glenn Burke
Efrén Divided
Blackbird Girls
Fighting Words
2023 Rebecca Caudill Nominees
Before the Ever After
Benefits of Being an Octopus
Black Brother, Black Brother
All Thirteen
Best At It


Mondays:  9:25 am - 3:38 pm with a teacher pass.

Tues-Fri:  8:35 am - 3:38 pm with a teacher pass.

* Sorry, we are not open after school.


Tech Help

Please visit the Device Support website for information on how to log in to Schoology, Seesaw, Chromebooks, and other applications!

Please be sure to check the links on the Device Support website first, since that information may help solve many issues. 



You can email Mrs. Hahn at, call (630) 301-5343 to talk with a library staff member, message Mrs. Hahn or Ms. Teuscher via Schoology, and/or access more resources via the Library @ Jewel course in Schoology.



We recognize that our middle school students include individuals with a wide range of different life experiences, whose families hold diverse values.

The materials in our library collections reflect the variety in the lives of our students.  This YA sign is on display in multiple locations within our library. During library orientation each year, we emphasize that reading choices are up to each student and their family.

We support parents in guiding their children in what they read, view, and listen to. If you do not want your middle school student(s) to have access to books in our Young Adult (YA) collection, you must complete the YA Opt-Out form:

YA Opt-Out Form for Parents

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Hahn using one of the methods in the Contact section above.